Greens in the COVID19 era

I believe that the Green Party of Canada is the only possible voice in this country for the people who need us most at this most critical of times – COVID-19 is teaching people about exponential growth when we have a last chance to learn about runaway global warming, Greta Thunberg and AOC and our own Young Greens like Liana Cusmano and Vincent Carbonneau are teaching everyone about the power in youth, what Indigenous people are teaching us how deeply embedded are our colonial structures, marginalized people are showing us how the power of principle and equity and safety can make our country a far better place. There is no other home for all of us but our own Green Party. Like you, I’m inspired by Bernie Sanders and the power of thousands of volunteers to make big change. They nearly succeeded, even in the United States. When we get out act together, we will succeed here.